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Praise for Seeing The Experiment Changes It All


Having virtually known Dale Winslow some 15 years now, from all the way back to the MySpace days, I have come to expect and idolize the incomparable brilliance she puts down on a page - and even still, Seeing the Experiment Changes It All has completely blown me away. The precision and impact of every carefully chosen word; the gasps and gut-punches that stun the reader being taken on this journey; the ability to make me feel like I'm staring at my own beating heart as I hold it in my hands is nothing short of full-immersion poetry that feels more like wearing VR goggles than reading a book. Her most phenomenal writing yet.


Barb McGrory, Founder of National Beat Poetry Day (Oct.7), and host of the Vowel Mouth Poetry Podcast


Dale Winslow is a true poet, first and foremost, and her new work, Seeing the Experiment Changes It All, is her masterwork. Winslow is a consummate writer, crafting her poems with the finesse and skill of a master violinist or filmmaker. Intimate, resonate, and filled with a lusty use of the English language, Winslow's book is something not to be missed. You will crave reading it more than once. Each read will reveal a different layer, like the petals of a blooming rose.

Jack Henry, author of driving with crazy, PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS, 2021


Dear Dale,

A beautiful morning here in my town, bright, warm, after a bewildering surprise of snow yesterday, and now everything is greening again.

A good morning to delve deeply into this new book. I've been reading it, re-reading. The jazz in the waves, lines and grace notes and lyrics and witty observations and shards, in the absence of anchors, the palm of shattered night-- ...The titles themselves, in the first pages, are like one-line poems: then the poems themselves flow, meld--and needle and jab--rising and falling to a whisper, rising again to call out and sing, frolic in word evocations, breathe in strange atmospheres that seem like home-places. The beat in this book is memorably supple--nuanced in its breaks and surges, rhythmically various then sudden, surprising. Truly, one of Canada's overlooked treasures (you are, Dale): poet, publisher, photographer, artist, encourager of others, follower of the beat in your neck-prickling verse. New poems in the global streams and channels to be savoured, contemplated--and, if one can, to be carried in travels in one's rucksack, passed along to others, left in local yard lending boxes, left on tables in cafes (when they're open again), so that one finds their pain and life. ... And what would I convey to people about it? Many ways to open a heart and soul. One of the ways is to open a book. Discover this dazzling work. And read her.

B.W. Powe, poet, storyteller, essayist, author, teacher



Dale Winslow's poetic vision cuts to the core of human bodily experience: The struggle of psyche and spirit to escape the unremitting reality of the physical and material. The tension between fission and fusion that renders and heals and lends life its fugitive frisson. Uncertainty and entropy in a fateful dance with the organic and orgasmic. The mechanistic prism and prison walls that the conscious heart beats against again and again. The quisquous quiddity of mortal form and substance against the blinding clarity of the mind's eyes, and ears, and touch. And the dark wings of language that lift and soar while at the same time casting a deep, dense shadow on the surfaces of the earth below. Heed now my warning: This is poetry that transports and transforms. Read these poems and you will be different. Read these poems and you will be changed. Read these poems and you will never be the same.


Lance Strate, author of Diatribal Writes of Passage in a World of Wintertextuality

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