tinderbox, dale winslow, poetry, neopoiesis press


I ignite, like the drunkard’s match,
in exhausted alleyway at 2 a.m.
Burn my fingers on this fire
that strikes in hours deaf and blind.

I ignite, like winter kindling,
quickly and brightly as heavy scented cedar.
Rush of sap to open air, needle-rich,
heady release of earth and breath.

I burn, like birch bark,
written with welted words,
living pages of white set to flame,
these lines, smoke-signal reflections.
I burn,
and all that was, dissipates.

I burn, like ancient, peat bog fires,
memory, coiling and uncoiling,
a cryptic dance over moors.
I burn,
covering the moon with smoldering fingers.

I ignite.
I burn.
I ignite.



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Candy: A Collection to Satisfy Your Sweetest Cravings, is an eclectic collection which ranges from the romantic to the taboo and from the intimate to the voyeuristic. With sensitivity, passion and at times humor, these poems capture the delights of sex, sexuality, love, lust and fantasy. edited by Dale Winslow and Erin Badough

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